The Omniversal Order

The Omniversal Order is a religious organization that came to prominence in the 22nd century and on 2381, it became the largest religion on Earth. The Omniversal Order is often referred to as just The Order and members are known as Omnites. There are two major lifestyle philosophies, which are: planning and being goal-oriented, and being spontaneous and living in the moment. The Order teaches both philosophies and assumes that most members will find a balance between the two.

The Order believes in Absurdism, that there is no inherent meaning to life, other than procreation. The Order encourages it’s members to create their own meaning of life, by analyzing their past experiences, finding all the things they love, extracting all the wisdom from their positive and negative experiences, then combining them with the skills they earned, to construct an ambitious destiny. Once they have finished their analysis and have constructed their destiny, they then reverse engineer a series of logical steps and bite-size goals to achieve their destiny. Once they have a plan and begin pursuing it, they are considered to be “on the path”. If you know what you want in life, you are more likely to cease opportunities that present themselves, that will get you one step closer. It is believed that by using your negative experiences in the creation of your destiny, you give them value and you can convert the negative effects of those experiences and restore your psyche to emotional purity. It’s basically the philosophy of turning negatives into positives. Happiness isn’t achieved when reaching the goal, it is found on the path of continuous progress. The Order also encourages members to be more spontaneous and outgoing by desensitizing them to social interactions and the fear of social rejection.

The Order considers Moral Nihilism to be the most objective position on morality but the vast majority support Relativistic Moral Universalism in practice.

The Order believes that most people are manipulated by their environment, which is a mixture of family, peers, religion, government, business culture and their native culture. If a culture has good parenting, can afford to send their children to college and instills in their children good priorities, such as learning, they are more likely to become productive members of society. If an individual has negligent parents, in a school where students are disruptive, lack the wealth to go to college and live in a neighborhood with bad influences; they are less likely to succeed. The Order believes in creating environments and cultures conducive to creating productive members of society, through the use of Cultural Engineering. Everything is a manipulation, intentional or not, and there are plenty of methods of manipulation that do not require secrecy to be effective. For example, if there is a bad performing middle school, where the main issue is students with bad priorities, you can change the student culture by offering them $100 for each A they get for a subject. This particular form of manipulation would be embraced by the culture being modified. The Order believes in creating environments and modifying cultures, to give every sentient being an equal opportunity for success. The Order believes in transparency and only using methods of manipulation supported by the culture and that there is no one-size-fits-all.

The Order believes that the universe is deterministic, that everything is cause and effect and if you had enough information, you could predict the future with 100% accuracy. The Order also believes that it is impossible to have enough information to be 100% accurate but it is still advantageous to collect information to increase the accuracy of predictive models. This belief also implies that everything is fate and there is no such thing as free will. The Order does believe in a lesser form of free will, such as the ability to have an emotional impulse, consider the possible consequences and then consciously disregard the impulse. However, even your conscious thoughts and actions are the products of biology, experiences and environmental stimuli. While The Order does believe that the omniverse is deterministic, it also recognizes that this belief has no practical value. Since we do not know the future, it still makes more sense to think of the future as infinite possibilities and anyone can achieve anything.

The Order believes in what is referred to as The Eternal Mystery. It is the belief that ultimately science and mathematics will fail to explain the origin of the omniverse. The basic reasoning is: if there is a beginning to our universe, The Big Bang, then what was before The Big Bang? Was The Big Bang in a more fundamental “universe”, with it’s own laws of physics and it’s own dimension of time? Does that more fundamental universe have a beginning? Is there a never ending series of beginnings with no ultimate beginning? Is there some space with no laws of physics and no dimension of time? In that place, is Everything and Nothing one in the same? Is it like -1 and +1 popping out of nothingness then merging back into zero, except all at the same time?

If there is a circle growing larger in diameter, is the observer moving closer to the circle or is the circle itself becoming larger? What if, from that perspective, both are the same? What if, from a perspective outside of time, with no laws of physics, Everything and Nothing exist simultaneously and are one in the same? Zero equals infinity (redefined of course).

“The Omniverse is two points emerging from one, two equal and opposite points, Everything and Nothing. Everything sees Nothing and Nothing sees Everything. Everything feels Nothing within and Nothing feels Everything within. Everything and Nothing realize they are one in the same, viewing themselves from different perspectives. Everything and Nothing rise above themselves to become one again. Creation and Evolution are equal and opposite positive feedback loops.”