I didn’t want Fractal Federation using a language like English as it’s legal/official language because that would be showing preferential treatment towards English-speaking cultures. Some areas that require a lot of international interactions have de facto official languages, like English for aviation. Instead of just picking a language, I decided to create a new language solely for law and government use.

GovLang was created for the purposes of law and international interactions. All naturalistic languages have rules and many exceptions to those rules. GovLang is a logical language, with a set of rules that are followed 100% of the time. GovLang only has one definition per word, to ensure that a sentence can only be interpreted in one way. In English for example, words can have more than one definition and to make a sentence only interpret-able in one way, additional words must be added. GovLang also prioritizes compressibility, to reduce the number of characters and syllables per word and words per sentence. Many common phrases and sentences have been replaced with 1-2 syllable words. GovLang uses the subject–verb–object (SVO) word order and has no grammatical gender. There are six pronouns: first, second, and third person, each in both singular and plural, with first person have inclusive and exclusive plural variants; totaling 67 pronouns. There are 96 spatial prepositions which are made up of 8 roots and 12 stems. GovLang doesn’t have capitalization to represent proper nouns, so instead it has improper and proper variants of articles, with 16 in total. All Open Class Words have a suffix. GovLang has 20 different verb suffixes; a plural and singular noun suffix for subject, object and interject; an adjective suffix; and an adverb suffix. Each suffix is a single vowel which is added to a root word, which is 3 letters, a consonant-vowel-consonant. GovLang can use the International Phonetic Alphabet or the custom Fractal Federation Font. GovLang has 236 letters in its alphabet, 194 consonants and 37 vowels but prioritizes the use of pulmonic consonants over the use of non-pulmonic and affricatives.

The custom font may not display on Google Sheets, it will show up as boxes. You can change your browser settings to default to FractalFederationFont when a website is missing a font. You can download the custom font at FractalFederationFont. Once downloaded, right-click the .ttf and select Install.

If you want to hear what it sounds like you can use Amazon’s text-to-speech software Polly. It’s free for testing purposes and it supports IPA using SSML.


The automatically translator is disabled, since GovLang is no longer 1:1 with English.