I didn’t want Fractal Federation using a language like English as it’s legal/official language because that would be showing preferential treatment towards English-speaking cultures. Some areas that require a lot of international interactions have de facto official languages, like English for aviation. Instead of just picking a language, I decided to create a new language solely for law and government use.

The language I created is based on the International Phonetic Alphabet or IPA. Each language has a set of sounds that are combined to make words. There are sounds that English doesn’t have, that other languages do have and vice versa. I decided to make AuxLang include every sound from all the different Earthly languages. AuxLang has 238 letters in its alphabet. That is more than English’s 26 letters but the average Chinese citizen knows over 8,000 symbols so it’s still practical.

There are two types of words, singletons like the, which are a vowel+consonant and then there are the main words, which have multiple variants, like jump, jumped and jumping. Main words have a base of consonant+vowel+consonant and then a suffix letter that is a vowel. Each suffix represents a variant like a verb, past tense verb, singular noun, plural noun, adjective, adverb, etcetera. In pretty much every other way AuxLang uses an English syntax.

I don’t have every word yet. I plan on adding new words on an as-needed basis.

I didn’t like the IPA symbols so I created a new font with new symbols. Download the FractalFederationFont then right-click and select Install.

I created a spreadsheet with a way to translate English into AuxLang using either the IPA symbols or the new symbols I made (FFF). Go to File > Make a copy to use the AuxLang spreadsheet for translation. The spreadsheet will display the custom font once you install it and restart the browser.

If you want to hear what it sounds like you can use Amazon’s text-to-speech software Polly. It’s free for testing purposes and it supports IPA using SSML.