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My name is Blake and Fractal Federation is my creation. I wanted to create a science fiction universe that avoids concepts that defy science and focus on technologies that we know are possible.

I am using free 3D software called Blender, free 3D assets from and, free music from, free sound effects from¬† and free motion capture software called NI-mate. I have two GTX 1080s but even with all that GPU horsepower, it would take over a year to render one episode using Blender’s raytracing engine Cycles. Instead I will be rendering using a real-time engine, such as EEVEE or UPBGE or Armory 3D. I haven’t settled on one yet. The first episode will take the longest to create, since it will include my learning curve.

At the moment this is a one man project, but I hope to recruit some volunteers after the first few episodes are released on YouTube. I have setup a Slack since a few people have expressed their desire to participate. If you have any skills you can contribute, such as making 3d models, textures, music, sound effects, motion capture, script writing and even virtual set design; you can contact me at: